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We offer a range of services including:

Encapsulating of paper based products such as:

Plans, Drawings, Posters, Maps, Catalogues, Price lists, Health & Safety and Fire Notices etc

Any size from credit card to A/1 

Matt and Gloss finishes  

Wire or Plastic Comb Binding such as:

Reports, Manuals, Diaries, Calendars with thumb cut out and hangers, Sales Presentations, Dissertations etc

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Laminating & Encapsulating

At LSS we have over 30 years experience of laminating and encapsulating. We offer trade prices and are open to both trade and general public.  

What Is Encapsulation?

Encapsulation is mostly used for protecting a document providing durability. The film or pouches will be larger than the sheet of paper, which, if roll film will need trimming to leave a 3 – 5mm of plastic overlap of visible edging or if pouches they will be slightly larger than the size of the document required but also giving a visible edge. The document in both cases will be water tight and therefore suitable for outdoor use and to provide protection to the paper is important, such as menus, information posters in hospitals and other community areas.

The film used in this process is polyester and is often quite thick, ranging from 42mic to 250mic.

There are four different weights/thicknesses of encapsulating film to choose from.
– 42 Microns per side (1.5 Thou)
– 75 Microns per side (3 Thou)
– 125 Microns per side (5 Thou)
– 250 Microns per side (10 Thou)

These films are available in Gloss, Standard Matt or Ultra Matt finishes


What is Lamination?

We can laminate up to SRA/3 and regularly matt or gloss laminate covers, cards, menus at our laminating shop in Sittingbourne and offer trade prices.

Lamination is primarily used for enhancement and the protection of the product is less important. There is no visible overlap border and therefore the document is not water tight. Moisture can get into the paper through the edges because they are not protected by the plastic. The laminating film is used on one side or both sides and once lamination has happened are cut and trimmed to the required size. Next time you buy a magazine or book (either hardback or paperback) check out the cover. You will notice the lamination is matt or gloss and runs to the edges with no extra clear plastic edges!

The film used in this process is generally polypropylene and often very thin, ranging from 25mic to 42mic. You would use lamination to give your print a nice finish, without making it too thick. Lamination is ideal when your prints require a nice finish for presentation without needing moisture protection. Lamination is mostly use for covers, menus, business cards which are cut and trimmed to size required after lamination.

Laminating Services & Supplies